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National Dex: 133
Type(s): xcoser Twi'lek Headgear Mask Costume Accessories for Halloween B
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HiImAPiggyPro 6 days ago

Hawaiian quilt lap blanket/wall hanging 100% hand quilted/hand a

I need some rivals for my custom region pls

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Trainer Micah 2 9 days ago

My Pokemon Go Friend Code

Within this blog knowing this will be my last time here here is my friend code for/from Pokemon GO

To scan it see the comment's below:

For now:

9837 8685 6054

The QR Code for scanning will be in below..


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JessieTheCool 13 days ago


PLS see this and follow me :'(


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JessieTheCool 16 days ago




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e.l.f, Hydrating Camo Concealer, Lightweight, Full Coverage, Lon

this is a message to a new game i'm making! choose a type and then i would give you a new pokemon!

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Jessebelle25 25 days ago

I Choose You

Here comes trouble

No mistaking

I'd know you anywhere

I could sail to the ends of the ocean and

Find you waiting there

I've been searching and searching

Near and far

Searching and searching

And there you are …

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