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Tecoom Hard Shell Oxford Material Selling and selling Washington Mall Zipper Shape Water Door Design

Tecoom Hard Shell Oxford Material Door Shape Zipper Design Water


Tecoom Hard Shell Oxford Material Door Shape Zipper Design Water


Product Description

About Tecoom

At Tecoom, We’ve been manufacturing car covers since 1994 to bring you protection for your car that’s both practical and functional. Everyone knows that exposure to the sun and elements can damage your car in no time which is why we combine carefully chosen materials with a weatherproof design to bring you a waterproof, weatherproof and scratch-resistant car cover.

Tecoom car covers are designed to offer reliable year-round protection for your car. Whether it be the hot rays of the sun, snow in the middle of winter or rain, our car covers will make sure your car stays safe the simple and convenient way.

We offer car covers in a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of different consumers and different conditions so your car always stays protected and safe. Optimal size division enables each cover to fit its vehicle perfectly allowing us to offer a wide variety of sedan covers, SUV covers, truck covers, Van covers, sport car covers, etc.

Tecoom covers offer just the right balance of quality, utility, affordability, and style making them the right choice for you.

hatchback coverhatchback cover

Fits All 160-172 inches Hatchback Like (for Reference):

AUDI:A3 Hatchback

BMW:1 series,2 series active tourer, Mini Cooper

CHEVROLET: Aveo Hatchback

FORD: Fiesta Hatchback, Focus hatchback, C-Max

VW: Golf, Scirocco,Beetle


Size: 3XL Fits All 170-190 inches Sedan Like(for Reference):


BMW: 3 Series,4 Series,i8,M3

HONDA: Civic, FCX Clarity, Crider, City

NISSAN: 370Z, Sentra, 350Z, 200SX, 240SX, 300ZX, 280ZX, 280Z

Mecreds-Benz:C class, CLA class, C350

car cover sizecar cover size

Size:3XXL Fits All 191-200 inches Sedan Like (for Reference):

BMW: 5 Series, 6 Series, Z8, M5

BUICK: Century, Electra, Park Ave, La Crosse, LeSabre , Reatta, Regal

HONDA: Accord, Prelude

CHEVROLET: Malibu, Camaro,Chevelle, Cobalt

NISSAN: Altima, Maxima


Size 3XXL+: Fits All 201-218 inches Sedan Like(for Reference):

AUDI: A8, S7, S8, A7, RS6

BMW: 7 Series, 6 Series

CHEVROLET: Impala, Caprice

FORD: Crown, Victoria, LTD, Elite, Fastback, Five Hundred,Thunderbird

Mercedes-Benz: S Class

hatchback coverhatchback cover


car cover sizecar cover size



Fits All 170-180 inches Coupe/Convertible/Sport Car Like(for Reference):


BMW: Z4, i8, Z8


Porsche: 718, 911, 928, Boxster, Cayman

NOTE: In order to accommodate Sport Car better, size CL was engineered out of the design of mirror pockets, while other size will keep the mirror pockets.


ls mpd hd hs iss
Light Shell Car Cover Soft Shell Breathable Heavy Duty Car Cover Hard Shell Car Cover Thick Shell Breathable
Water amp; Rain Protection Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding
Sun amp; UV Protection Outstanding Good Outstanding Outstanding Good
Snow Protection Good Outstanding Outstanding Good Outstanding
Durability Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding
Thickness 1 Layer 3 Layers 3 Layers 1 Thick Layer 3 Layers
Breathable Material ✓ ✓ ✓
Fleece Layer ✓ ✓
Door Zipper ✓ ✓

Tecoom Hard Shell Oxford Material Door Shape Zipper Design Water


About zebrafish research at ucl

The zebrafish is a small tropical fish that has become one of the favoured animal model systems for research in many areas including embryonic development, genetic analyses of disease, neural circuit function and behaviour. One reason for this popularity is that zebrafish embryos are optically transparent and genetically tractable making them ideally suited for studies of cell and tissue behaviour and function. Zebrafish also exhibit sleep, social, hunting and other complex behaviours and progress in understanding the neuroanatomy of the brain is facilitating studies of the neural circuits mediating these behaviours.

On this site, you can learn about the wide range of research projects at UCL that use zebrafish and see many beautiful images and movies from these projects. We appreciate that not all our visitors are trained scientists and so we have public outreach pages that help to explain what we do.


Research groups

There are many research groups using zebrafish for research at UCL and you can find out about some of them here, or continue reading about Zebrafish at UCL.

Zebrafish research at UCL is supported by a team of core staff, who you can read about here.


Latest news


COVID 19 UPDATE: Due to the current situation ZebrafishUCL are unable to offer any work-experience placements or lab visits this or next academic year(2020/2021). For more information about the programme click button below.  




Many of our images are available for download from Wellcome Images.
Simply search the collection for 'Zebrafish'.
All images and movies are copyright of UCL Zebrafish Group please request permission before using. 


In the fish labs we love doing experiments, but we also love sharing our enthusiasm for science and for zebrafish with others. That is why we take our outreach activities very seriously.

We are committed to promoting science, critical thinking and education of young people via our Outreach Activities. Our aim is to reach students from all backgrounds, help them to engage with STEM and to gain an insight into the opportunities available in higher education and STEM research.


Our Values

Our activities

COVID 19 UPDATE: Due to the current situation ZebrafishUCL are unable to offer any workexperience placements or lab visits this or next academic year(2020/2021).

We offer a range of outreach activities, both ‘in classroom’ workshops, as well as ‘on-campus’ at UCL. Please choose an option below to explore our outreach programs. Please note that only teachers may request school visits from zebrafish researchers(LAB2SCHOOL) and visits to the zebrafish lab for school students(SCHOOL2LAB).

The Zebrafish Academy:
A-level Work Experience Program

Request a visit
to our Lab

Request a visit
to your School

NB: As we are a research lab, we can only offer the outreach activities mentioned above to a limited number of students and school groups. We hope, that we can expand our programme in the future to offer these opportunities to more and more students! 

outreach blog

Read about what the Zebrafish Lab have been doing to spread our love of science.



ZebrafishUCL are focussing on 3 key areas to make our research more sustainable. Please follow the links below to read more about how we are reducing single-use plastics, energy consumption and other cultural changes to improve sustainability in our lab.




ZebrafishUCL are part of the UCL LEAF initiative that helps to improve sustainability and efficiency in laboratory practice. We were certified GOLD by LEAF in 2020/2021.


For a full list of Zebrafish UCL publications by year click here, or choose a year below. You can also visit our publication summaries page to find summaries of papers that need less scientific knowledge to understand. 


Recent publications

Kroll F, Powell GT, Ghosh M, Antinucci P, Hearn TJ, Tunbak H, Lim S, Dennis HW, Fernandez JM, Hoffman EJ, Whitmore D, Dreosti E, Wilson SW and Rihel J (2021).
A simple and effective F0 knockout method for rapid screening of behaviour and other complex phenotypes.
Elife: e59683.

Barlow IL, Mackay E, Wheater E, Goel A, Lim S, Zimmerman S, Woods I, Prober DA, Rihel J (preprint).
A genetic screen identifies dreammist as a regulator of sleep.
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Sleep Across the Animal Kingdom. in Sleep Science
Oxford University Press, pages 15-31

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Sleep is bi-directionally modified by amyloid beta oligomers.
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Interplay between extracellular matrix stiffness and JAM-A regulates mechanical load on ZO-1 and tight junction assembly.
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Takeuchi Y, Narumi R, Akiyama R, Vitiello E, Shirai T, Tanimura N, Kuromiya K, Ishikawa S, Kajita M, Tada M, Haraoka Y, Akieda Y, Ishitani T, Fujioka Y, Ohba Y, Yamada S, Hosokawa Y, Toyama Y, Matsui T, Fujita Y (2020)
AQYLQ Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case with Touch Bar an
Curr. Biol. 30, 670-681.

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Real-time 3D movement correction for two-photon imaging in behaving animals.
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Hande Tunbak, Mireya Vazquez-Prada, Thomas Ryan, Adam R. Kampff and Elena Dreosti
Whole-brain mapping of socially isolated zebrafish reveals that lonely fish are
not loners.

eLife (2020);9:e55863 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.55863

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celicious Matte Lite Mild Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film Compa
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Hierarchical compression reveals sub-second to day-long structure in larval zebrafish behaviour.
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Modelling autism spectrum disorders in zebrafish.
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Sleep circuits and physiology in non-mammalian systems.
Current Opinion in Physiology (2020).https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cophys.2020.03.006

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A calibrated optogenetic toolbox of stable zebrafish opsin lines.
eLife (2020) 9:e54937 10.7554/eLife.54937

Folgueira M, Riva-Mendoza S, Ferreño-Galmán N, Castro A, Bianco IH, Anadón R and Yáñez J. Anatomy and Connectivity of the Torus Longitudinalis of the Adult Zebrafish.
Front. Neural Circuits (2020) 14:8. Disposable Lip Brush Applicator 200Pcs/Set Lip Brushes for Makeu

Schwayer C, Shamipour S, Pranjic-Ferscha K, Schauer A, Balda M, Tada M, Matter K, Heisenberg CP (2019)
Mechanosensation of tight junctions depends on ZO-1 phase separation and flow.
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An interhemispheric neural circuit allowing binocular integration in the optic tectum.
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Shibata-Germanos, S., Goodman, J.R., Grieg, A. et al.
Structural and functional conservation of non-lumenized lymphatic endothelial cells in the mammalian leptomeninges.
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Compensatory growth renders Tcf7l1a dispensable for eye formation despite its requirement in eye field specification.
Elife. (2019) 8. doi: 10.7554/eLife.40093

Turner KJ, Hoyle J, Valdivia LE, Cerveny KL, Hart W, Mangoli M, Geisler R, Rees M, Houart C, Poole RJ, Wilson SW, Gestri G.
Abrogation of Stem Loop Binding Protein (Slbp) function leads to a failure of cells to transition from proliferation to differentiation, retinal coloboma and midline axon guidance deficits.
PLoS One. 2019 Jan 29;14(1):e0211073. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0211073. eCollection 2019.


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